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I was born in the state of Pennsylvania where I grew up in the city of Pittsburgh and its surrounding suburbs. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior at the age of sixteen. I graduated from Penn-Senior High School in 1978. I received an Associate degree from Community College; then later in my life, I went back to school and received my Bachelor’s degree from Geneva College.

I am married to Clarence McCallister and am the proud mother of three children, John, Monica, and Destinee. I have been a member of Mount Ararat Baptist Church since 2005 where Reverend Dr. William H. Curtis is the Senior Pastor. Prior to becoming a member of Mount Ararat, my spiritual life had been stagnated. I had no spiritual discipline, guidance, or a spiritual leader to help me to grow. It wasn’t until 2007, through classes such as What I Do Best in the Body of Christ, and Mount Ararat’s own theology class, MATA, that I started to grow in my God purposes. Some of the things that I was taught is that we all have a God-given purpose, calling, and spiritual gifts, that we receive from God in order to glorify Him, grow spiritually, teach, and help others.

It’s amazing! I never would have thought that writing inspirational poetry would be a gift of mine because I am not one who verbalizes; but, somehow, by the grace of God, I am able to write what I can’t speak. That’s how God works. When we are weak in one area, He makes us strong in Him. He begins to operate His will and purpose from that weakness. In the Bible, God told Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness (2Cor 12:9b NIV)”. I find it amazing how we were all made with gifts and a special purpose in life that God designed. I found my special purpose with the help of my best friend Minister Alvina Smith, also Minister LaNita Butler, and Rev. Dr. Joan Prentice. Now, it’s time that you find your special gift and purpose in life, if you haven’t already.


Peace and Blessings
Mary McAllister


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